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AREGAK’s activities shall be regulated by the following laws and regulations.

1. RA Civil Code.
2. RA Law “On Credit Organisations”.
3. RA Law “On combating money laundering and terrorism financing”.
4. RA Law “On consumer credit”.
5. RA Law “On financial system mediator”.
6. RA Law “On bank secrets”.
7. RA Procedure for registration and licensing of credit organizations, registration of branches and representative offices of credit organizations, approving the significant portion in the share capital of credit organizations, qualification of the managing staff of credit organizations, Regulation on activities of credit organizations, requirements for place of operation and technical facilities of credit organizations (Regulation 13).
8. Regulation on credit organizations’ activities and economic guidelines thereof (Regulation 14).
9. Reporting by credit organizations, drawing out and publication of the reports (Regulation 15).
10. Regulation of communication between bank and debtor, creditor and client, the terms and minimum requirements (Regulation 8/05).
11. Regulation of publishing the information of banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, insurance agents, investment companies, central depository and money transmitters (Regulation 8/03).
12. Establishment of the systemized credit registrar of creditworthiness of customers of banks, credit organizations, branches of foreign banks operating in RA and procedures for there of involvement into the registrar.
All the above mentioned laws and regulations can be explored from www.laws.am and www.parliament.am websites.

In case of inconsistencies between the information in English and Armenian languages You need to be guided by Armenian version.