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Error Occurred While Processing Request

The OBJECTID argument passed to the contentobjectget function is not of type uuid.

If the component name is specified as a type of this argument, its possible that a definition file for the component cannot be found or is not accessible.

The error occurred in F:\CFX\FarCry\farcry_core\admin\includes\cfFunctionWrappers.cfm Line 6
     called by F:\CFX\FarCry\aregak\webskin\includes\_genericNav.cfm Line 104
     called by F:\CFX\FarCry\aregak\webskin\includes\arHeader.cfm Line 136
     called by F:\CFX\FarCry\aregak\webskin\dmHTML\displaypageMap.cfm Line 49
     called by F:\CFX\FarCry\farcry_core\packages\types\types.cfc Line 56
     called by F:\CFX\FarCry\farcry_core\tags\navajo\display.cfm Line 255
     called by F:\CFX\FarCry\farcry_core\tags\navajo\display.cfm Line 1
     called by F:\CFX\FarCry\aregak\www\index.cfm Line 4