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The Sole Shareholder of "AREGAK" UCO CJSC is the "United Methodist Committee on Relief" non profit organization (UMCOR, NY, USA).

The number of shares declared by "AREGAK" UCO CJSC is 17,225, with a nominal value of AMD 200,000 per share. The share capital is AMD 3,445,000,000.


 N Corporate name of Shareholder 
Registration details, location (postal address) 
Number of shares:types and classes 
Share capital %
 1.United Methodist Committee on Relief of the General Board of Global Ministers of the United Methodist Church non profit organization (UMCOR), non governmental division, not for profit corporation in New York. Registered and operating on the basis of legislation of USA, State of New York. Legal address:Floor 15, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, USA 17225 ordinary shares 

The humanitarian projects implemented by UMCOR encompas more than 80 countries worldwide. Since 1994 UMCOR has been working in Armenia and its mission is focused on assisting in poverty reduction and social-economic development.

In 1997 UMCOR founded AREGAK micro lending program with objectives to support economically active, with low-income population. And in 2006 this programme was incorporated as "AREGAK" Universal Credit Organization Closed Joint Stock Company.


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