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AREGAK UCO offers a wide range of credits at competitive rates and favorable terms to satisfy the demands of the current clients as well as newcomers. By making credits available, AREGAK increases job opportunities, income, services, and products.

Currently AREGAK provides

Micro Consumer credits

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Macro Credits

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Express Credit Line

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Seasonal loans

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Micro-Express credits

Devoted to its mission AREGAK continues to assist families with low income especially in rural areas. learn more

Business Credits Insured with Pledge

Business loans for investments and working capital purposes. learn more

Group Guaranteed Micro Credits

Quickly disbursed credits with low collateral requirements. learn more

Express Credits

Group Guaranteed Express Credits for Armenia and Nagorno-Karabagh residents. learn more

Consumer Credits Insured with Salary

AREGAK Consumer Credits are specially designed to provide a greater convenience for our customers. learn more


In case of inconsistencies between the information in English and Armenian languages You need to be guided by Armenian version.