Customer Rights

Customer Rights

Dear Clients,

You can submit your petition by calling (374 10) 54-36-28, 54-36-29, or by sending it to email address, as well as by mail to the following address: “AREGAK” UCO CJSC, Yerevan 0010, Amiryan 4/6, No. 146, 147, 152 and 153 spaces.


Clients Petition Application Form - Application  and Guideline for Inquiry of Petitions.

Your rights can be protected both in court and through the Financial System Mediator.

If you apply to the court, the dispute between you and AREGAK will be resolved by the court. You can appeal to the court at any stage of the petition inquiry. The court's decision cannot be revised by the Financial System Mediator.

In case of applying to the Financial System Mediator, the dispute between you and AREGAK is resolved by the Mediator. Financial system mediator’s services are free of charge. If you have a complaint, you should first apply to AREGAK. AREGAK is obliged to respond to your petition within 10 working days. After receiving the answer from AREGAK, you can apply to the Financial System Mediator.

The Mediator cannot investigate your complaint, if:

  • 10 working days have not passed after filing a complaint and you have not received a response from AREGAK,
  • You are not seeking monetary or other property compensation, or
  • The compensation requested by you exceeds AMD 10 million (or the equivalent amount in foreign currency), or
  • More than six months have passed since receiving the response from AREGAK, or
  • The litigated activity or inactivity has taken place before 02.08.2008.

The Financial System Mediator cannot investigate your complaint if it is being heard by a court (or arbitral tribunal) or if there is already a court decision (or arbitral tribunal) for the given complaint.


Financial System Mediator’s office

Principal Mediator and Chief Executive: Vazgen Mnatsakanyan

Mediator: Piruz Sargsyan

Address: Yerevan 0010, Armenia

“Elite Plaza” Business Center,

7th floor, 15 Khorenatsi str.,

Tel. (+374 60) 70-11-11

Fax (+374 10) 582-421


Please be informed that “AREGAK” UCO CJSC has not waived the right of appealing against decisions of Financial System Mediator. This means that “AREGAK” UCO CJSC can in some cases appeal against the decisions made by the Financial System Mediator against “AREGAK” UCO CJSC in the manner stipulated by court.

You can also submit your claim to the RA Central Bank. Please be informed that the Central Bank is not competent to solve the disputes between you and “AREGAK” UCO CJSC, but it can apply measures towards “AREGAK” UCO CJSC in case it is revealed that “AREGAK” UCO CJSC has violated the requirements of the Law.


RA Central Bank

Address: c. Yerevan, 6 Vazgen Sargsyan Street, Tel: (+374 10) 58-38-41, 52-38-52